Does She Like Me? Here’s How to Tell

So, you’ve met a really great girl at the bar. She’s pretty, she’s smart, she’s witty and you really like her. But here’s the problem…

When it comes to knowing if the opposite sex likes you, you’d have an easier time solving a Rubik’s cube before you can tell if a girl is into you! Some guys have no clue, and you may be one of them.

Don’t worry fellas, we’ve all been there. That’s why I decided to put together some important signs to look for that will tell you if she’s into you or not.

Now you may want to look for the signs, or if you have the balls, you can just come right out and ask her. It’s up to you. But if you’d rather not look like a fool in front of your friends and hers, you may be better off checking for the signs first before asking the question.

Alright. Let’s get started.

1. You meet a beautiful woman in a professional situation and she gives you her contact information even though you don’t need it.

Let’s say you attend a business conference. While at the conference, spending time at the bar with some of your colleagues, a gorgeous woman walks up to you and begins to chat. She’s in your industry, but you’d really have no reason to work with her. There is no reason to collaborate with this woman.

To make a long story short, you spend the whole night chatting it up with her at the bar. Everything is going great, but since it’s a business conference you are having a tough time determining if she’s into your not. This might just be a work thing and nothing more.

At the end of the night, she decides to hand you are business card. Not only that, she turns it over and writes her brand-new cell phone number on the back so that you have direct access to her at all times.

Think about it guys…

This girl is really into you. She has no reason to give you her contact information for a business purpose. She wants you to call her and ask her out. She wants to talk to you again because she’s interested in you. So do not hesitate to make your move, because she’s waiting for your call.

2. She’s acting really playful around you.

Let’s face it guys. Girls are not usually that playful around guys unless they’re interested in them. So if you have a girl that gets very playful every time you walk in the room, it’s happening because she has a great deal of interest in you. And the type of interest is definitely of a sexual nature.

When a girl flirts, it goes well beyond physical contact. It goes deep and has a lot to do with the way that she communicates with you as well. If she’s communicating with you playfully, making fun of you and joking around with you, this means that she likes you. This means that she wants to get to know you better. This means that she’s really interested in you.

So here’s what you need to do…

Start acting playful with her. Try not to act shy. Don’t clam up and keep quiet once she starts joking around with you. Play with her back. Take her verbal jabs and throw a few yourself. But do not get nasty or you’ll scare her away. Be nice when you play with her verbally.

Who knows? At the end of the night, you might be able to take her home and play with her physically! You know it what I’m talking about baby!

3. She touches her hair a lot around you.

This may seem strange, but when a girl is constantly fiddling with her hair and playing with it that means she’s into you. She’s a little bit uncomfortable and nervous, but she really likes you. She’s not scared of you, just a little anxious around you. That’s what’s happening when a girl is constantly touching her hair as she talks to you.

Now you know some of the signs to tell if she actually likes you. Pay attention to the signs the next time you’re with a woman and see if you could figure out if she’s into you or not.